Dear and most beloved Scions of Fate community!

We have fixed the temporary difficulties affecting the Premium Shop!

You should now be able to browse and purchase items.

Greetings soldiers, Operation 7 is now back!! After about a half year of server close, we are finally back to North-American regions as well as EU and Russian countries. We decided to let you join our current EU users with following countries: - North America (USA, Canada) - Russia - Ukraine - Belarus - Kazakhstan - Uzbekistan - Moldova - Tajikistan - Turkmenistan - Azerbaijan - Armenia Join now! Welcome back with open arms :) Once again, we thank you everyone for your patience and attention. -NETGAME GM TEAM-

Hello, dear Heroes.

We have fixed the 'Version Check' log in error as well as

the Central Market Place travel error.

You should now be able to access both the game and the Central Market Place

at your leisure.

We thank you for your continued patience and understanding

as we work to improve Hero Online.

(- -)(_ _)

Thank you so much for your patience!


We have finished our emergency server maintenance

and addressed server instability issues.


We apologize for the sudden service interruption

and we will continue to strive

in order to provide you with a better service.





¡Muchísimas gracias por su paciencia!


Hemos completado nuestro manetimiento de emergencia

y reparado el problema de inestabilidad del servidor.


Les ofrecemos nuestras discuplas por la interrupción repentina del servicio

y haremos un mejor esfuerzo para poder ofrecerles

un mejor servicio.




Greetings everyone!

This is GM Celysta! As you all know, Colony of War is closing officially on 4/30/2014.  I really appreciate the small but awesome community we have.  Although there isn't much time left, I would like to do something for you guys.

Therefore, I will give everyone 5 "wishes." You can send a 1:1 Inquiry and request for 5 things from the list below.  Keep in mind that individual items such as mech/weapons/equipment will count as individual wishes. So if you want a Fairy Queen and a Cruciel, that will count as 2 wishes.

I won't be able to upgrade items or anything like that.  It is also not guaranteed that I can give you the item you want, but I will try my best.  Please make sure that if you want a certain item, you need to spell the full name correctly, otherwise, I won't be able to find it in the database.

Please don't take advantage of this with multiple accounts.  I am taking time from my other work to do this out of appreciation for you guys, and as everything will be done manually, I won't be able to fulfill this event if I get a ton of requests.

Here is a list of what you can wish for.  Remember, you can only make 5 wishes (and all of them must be in 1 inquiry)!

- Any Mech
- Gold (999999999)
- Any Weapon
- Any Equipment
- Fame (999999999)
- Level (Up to 85)
- Any Certificate (Up to 999 each)
- Any Medal (Up to 999 each)
- R Rank
- Any Title
- Any Pet

* This is an obvious given, but you cannot wish for the GM necklace/GM items.  These items would never have been available to players no matter how long the game will be open.

The last day to send in your wishes is 4/9!

Thank you for playing!

- GM Celysta

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